Brand development for a used-car dealership located in Gowanus, Brooklyn. New York's Best shows a frank and realistic attitude about owning and driving a car in New York city, and encourages people to take the plunge and become part of the elite group of street-smart pricks who drive--and park--their cars on the streets of New York everyday. 
The brand all started with a book I wrote and designed called “How to Drive Like a New York Asshole.” This is a book that teaches you how to cut people off, how to double park, how wedge into tight spaces, and other useful tips for driving in NYC.
Every car sale includes a gift box with branded material including the How to Drive book, a branded travel mug, keychains, and key hider, as well as some snacks and tchotchkes to keep in the car. 
Also included was an attitude-driven advertising campaign, again promoting the street-smart identity of New York's Best. 

The book in its entirety.

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