Accidental Tape Dispenser
This tape dispenser is a representation of form by mishap, inspired by the random and haphazard shape of a bent piece of scrap metal. The Accidental Tape Dispenser is a reminder that often, the truest form of beauty is byproduct, not goal. 
To create the Happy Accident Tape Dispenser, I experimented with form by gluing pieces of foam core together. This was a very loose, free-flowing process: sort of a three-dimensional sketching exercise. Eventually I came up with a prototype that not only fit my concept, but was also aesthetically pleasing and fully functional.
The next step was to recreate the foam core piece in metal. Working with 1/4" plate steel, I knew that I could not simply bend a piece of stock into the form I had designed. What I could do, however, was cut out flat sections of the form and weld them back together at each bend. This would achieve the illusion of a continuous bent form, while working within the confines of my heavy duty material. 
With lots of welding, cutting, re-welding, and chamfering, the form finally came to life in steel. 
One the form was complete, finishing was a process of filling, sanding, priming, and painting.
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